The most relevant publications and webinars about district heating and cooling to date
14 February 2024
Beyond the Horizon: Innovation Fund
7 February 2024
Beyond the Horizon: Modernisation Fund
31 January 2024
State-of-the-art district energy
25 January 2024
Strategic Imperatives: the crucial role of district heating pipe lifespan in achieving climate objectives
15 November 2024
Heat matters: the missing link in REPowerEU by Aalborg University
14 December 2023
Developing district cooling: a global perspective
5 December 2023
Heat on, CO2 emissions down: a collective approach to heating & cooling decarbonisation
4 December 2023
DHC systems: accelerating deployment through standards
8 November 2023
Unlocking Earth’s heat: geothermal district heating and cooling
19 September 2023
Digitalisation in DHC : The Utility Perspective - Webinar
22 September 2023
Renewables in action: Paving the way for sustainable urban DHC systems - Webinar
28 March 2023
The Rise of Solar District Heating - Webinar
11 November 2022
The new Funding scheme for District Heating in Germany (BEW): a blueprint for Europe? - Webinar
13 December 2022
Large heat pumps in district heating: a winning team to REPower - Webinar
16 February 2023
Renewable heat versus energy crisis: a French way - Webinar
31 March 2023
Advancing District Heating & Cooling Solutions and Uptake in European Cities
23 February 2023
Excess Heat: The largest untapped energy source
13 December 2022
Large heat pumps in district heating and cooling systems report
20 May 2023
DHC+ Report on Digitalisation in DHC systems
23 May 2023
DHC Market Outlook Insights & Trends